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​About Artist :        Ararat G. Mamigonian

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Cultures & civilizations have told the stories, related their history & shared their joy & sorrow through the power by expression of the ART of painting, my mission is to accomplish the same with my art. No matter what your race, nationality or religious background, my hope is to talk to your soul through my art. Art for me is a passion,feeling & emotion, it's a language.It is my intention to use art to bring joy & love to others & to bring peace & stability to our suffering planet. In our modern society, where science & technology demystifies the world, there is a need for Artists to illuminate our world & need to tell the truth, to bring a sense of joy & peace of mind & happiness for better tomorrow.

Artist Biography

Ararat Mamigonian is  the founder & the Presidend of Ararat Art Studio. He is an American Artist of Armenian descent. He is a pioneer highly regarded nationally & internationally, & celebrated as one of the finest Artists in  his genre & our modern times. Beloved Painter, Historian, Poet, Writer, Art teacher, human rights activist,& World traveler, Ararat Mamigonian was born in Beirut, Lebanon from Armenian parents who were both victims & survivors of  the 1915 Armenian Genocide committed by the Ottoman Turkish Government. Entire members of his family and relatives fell victim in 1915 the first Genocide of 20th century, in a bloodbath wholesale, as the physical extermination was deliberately and systematically planned by the Turkish Government.  More than 4.500.000 million Armenians were swept off the face of the earth, from their historical lands of Armenia.

Ararat Mamigonian,  an originally  self-taught painter, began his artistic path during his early years of his art career in Lebanon, before moving to United States.  He started at the very young age of 12 as a professional artist, and by the age of 17, he had already achieved and gained great recognition as a Professional Master Illustrator and movie Billboard painter in his home town of Beirut, Lebanon. The earliest years of his Art career (prior to the Lebanese Civil War in 1975) were spent specializing in Billboards and movie advertising as a commercial illustrator/graphic designer.  An electric & neon sign contractor helped him to develop his skills, his knowledge and most importantly, his passion for art.  This gave to Ararat Mamigonian spirit in his heart, allowing him to translate his feelings into action, and his actions into vibrant colorful and new dynamic compositions, rich with soul and imagination. 

After moving and immigrating to United States, Ararat Mamigonian earned his Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree from The Art Center College of Design (a.k.a. "Art Center") in California. After graduating, Ararat Mamigonian begin to continue his artistic path and journey in the United States “Over a career span” of three and one-half decades, and he has explored and invented his own language of forms, order and structure.  In these bodies of work, he has exemplified the character of a deeply creative and experimental artist expanding the notion of fleshing out a style into an investigation of every nook and cranny, creating a new dynamic composition and powerful expression style of Art, vibrant with both colors and technique. Developing a unique style of figurative painting, his art of spiritual inspirational with originality created by this distinctive style shows a contemporary vision and turns his art into the most sophisticated styles of technique and unique figurative images of both colorful and beautiful artistic inspiration, bringing a rich history and culture abundant artistic influence from prehistoric ancient Armenia highlands to his figurative unique imagery focusing on both nature and the metaphysical.

Artist Statement

I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember. As an artist, I began to draw and paint before even I could walk & talk, & Art has been always a big part of my life. My life without Art is an empty moment…  Art is a transformation of love.  Art for me is a passion, feeling and emotion, it's a language. I see beauty in things that most wouldn't see. There is freedom of expression within Art. Expression is creativity. Creativity is to be truly uninhibited.  The freedom to be different, to really be myself, is the goal of my work.  Passion and emotion, translated into the color and texture of me.  My method for determining great Art is very simple.  I stand in front of the painting.  I look at it.  And  I feel.  To me that's the bottom line.  I don't care how a painting was made.  I don't care about "process" or technique.  I don't care if the artist has "brought something to the table no one's ever seen."  I don't care about theory of any kind.  I don't want an explanation and it doesn't matter to me how many "art minds" have given their imprimatur or how many rich art connoisseurs have bought it.  Bottom line:  How does it make me feel?  I believe that  before getting started, it doesn’t matter what subject or style you paint, the planning and designing and drawing is the principle concepts and  beginning for composition & creating a balance for any beautiful and successful Artworks.I do not contrnt with showing my Art in words alone. My task, which I am trying to achieve, is to make people see, feel,& hear, the passion & emotion translated into the color & texture  of  form & shapes that becomes Art.I have always felt that Art should move you, inspire you, shock you, & kick you down a rebbit hole into a unique confusion, Art which isn't based in emotion and feeling isn't Art at all... Feeling & Emotion is the Principle, the Beginning & the End. Beauty does not need explanaation. Moreover, it can explain many things itself. The most beautiful  work  of Art is the one that reaches The heart & mind of the people without the Art critics' help!